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Shift Happens – The New World of Work.


I was a career advisor at Nhulunbuy High School in Arnhem Land when the first version of the Shift Happens video came out. It is a 5 minute slide show that says things like “The top 10 jobs in 2010 did not even exist in 2006”.


Baby boomers have a tradition of creating new pathways.

As we become mature workers we are again creating new pathways. We want it all. Travel, money, financial security, health, a nice home, family, fulfilling well paid work, opportunities to undertake training and opportunities for flexible work. 

We need to develop a clear industrial pathway to show to human resource experts so that they know how to create a workplace that suits our needs.

If we have learned anything it is that no one has all of the answers and that our answers need to be heard.

If shift is going to happen we might as well be the ones who point the direction. 



Author: Bev Johnson

SEE SOMETHING! GET EXCITED! TELL EVERYONE!!! That pretty well sums up my approach to life. As I find the next bright new shiny course, unbelievable job offer or prediction about the world of work.......I now apply a "Bulldust Filter" honed through years of mistakes. I don't want my grandkids to be blinded by information or be to scammed by a con artist selling a quick course to success..... so I filter the bulldust so that they get the right information at the right time to help them to engage with the emerging world. I share my filtered knowledge because... I SEE SOMETHING. GET EXCITED. TELL EVERYONE.

5 thoughts on “Shift Happens – The New World of Work.

  1. On Sunday I go out with my adopted mother to do the weekly shop and have a cup of coffee. It is something I look forward to.

    While strolling down the aisles I came across an ex govite. This is her story.

    We left Gove since my husband lost his job at a contractors and we were living in state housing commission in Gove.

    We moved to Cairns since it was really the closest point that was realistic. Darwin is just so expensive.

    We got state housing here in gordonvale and that was good. My husband got a job as a linesman but was laid off last year when Ergon ( the state power company) took away the subcontract and did not employ the subcontractors.
    He has been out of work for a year. I have always been a cleaner and done peoples ironing. Last year I had two operations on my back. Possibly from all the standing from ironing.

    We are both on New Start that is all of our money.

    I had a problem. My 20 year old son who is working at GIS moved out of home but was coming home for food, wifi, washing and everything else.

    I gave him an ultimatum. Either shift out or come back and give me $100 per week so we can survive.

    He came back home.

    Her story ends.

    Her husband is 64 and sees no job on the horizon.lots of ex Govites are coming to Cairns since the mining company is closing down.there are going to be a lot of people coming to Cairns who are more qualified and younger. She is younger but not by much.

    How privileged are we? Pontificating about what we want to do with our future.we have choices and are just flicking through what we want to do and not want to do.

    Ok we were born intelligent. Middle Class and those two things gave us options. Whatever problems we had they do align with those born into the Lower Classes. This lady never saw a future beyond ironing and cleaning for others.

    I look at her son and mine and am astounded at the differences.

    I do not have guilt just astounded at what a $ can do for making one boy different from another.

    My son is living in a five bedroom plus study with In ground pool house rent free. He is building his own five bedroom house which should be completed in April. No mortgage. He is studying engineering at Uni with no grant or allowance or job.

    These two boys will never meet on the same level playing field.

    How sad is that?

    I can hear the sounds of the Baby Boomers yelling at me saying…………..shift your son into your four bedroom house and give the sons house to the ex Govite family.

    It just does not work that way…….when he has built his house the rent from his now house will pay his way through Uni.

    What am I saying.

    Don’t really know………maybe be happy with your choices……

    • Interesting post. I don’t think you should shift your son. I think we need to take as much care as we can for our families and to also show generosity and compassion for others. I think you are saying this in your message. The book Rich Dad Poor Dad talks about differences in attitude that money brings – how it frees up your choices about the way you think.

  2. Hi – somehow my “follow” you button got unpressed (!) and I thought you weren’t posting. Anyway, I’m back following! You’ve got great things to say to, and about, Boomers. I have been thinking about you, too, because Perth is mentioned so much in the press right now with the airplane search. We live in such a small world until something like that makes us remember the vast, inhospitable parts of our earth. Anyway – great posts; keep up your good thoughts!

    • HI

      The flights out looking for the Malaysian plane leave from an air base about 20kms north east of where I live in Bassendean. There are a number of families arriving. I think I would do that… go to be as close to my loved ones as possible. There is nothing else I could think of to do. The Chinese community is taking the lead role in advising people how they can support the families. There have been many offers of accommodation from families. I just cannot imagine what the flight was doing so far off course and what terror the passengers must have felt… unless they were drugged. I don’t think we will ever find out what happened. Bev

      • Yes, I’m sure it feels more personal when you are nearer to the tragedy, and even in some ways feel more responsible for helping. Rest assured if you were needed, you would know it. I am hopeful we will eventually have some answers, if not an exact location, because I think those left behind can cope better with more knowledge. My prayers are with them.

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