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Treasure what you’ve got.

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I was talking to a senior procurement officer at work yesterday. He has been helping me to buy some big DeathtoStock_Desk2equipment that we need for next year. He has been so helpful in sorting through financial red tape for me. When he hasn’t known what to do he has contacted colleagues and friends developed through his long career and together they have worked it out.

I was thanking him again yesterday and he said how great it was to be appreciated. He feels that his contribution isn’t generally valued at work.

I still feel angry about that. Angry for him as an efficient, helpful and expert employee who is not being valued and angry about management who treat staff in a way that leaves them disenfranchised. If knowledge is our greatest asset the treatment of this employee is negligent.

Estimates of “engagement” of Australian employees range from 11% to 15%! Erudite papers and complex management strategies are being crafted to address this problem.

It isn’t rocket science. Start by treasuring the contribution of long serving employees like this procurement officer!?



Author: Bev Johnson

SEE SOMETHING! GET EXCITED! TELL EVERYONE!!! That pretty well sums up my approach to life. As I find the next bright new shiny course, unbelievable job offer or prediction about the world of work.......I now apply a "Bulldust Filter" honed through years of mistakes. I don't want my grandkids to be blinded by information or be to scammed by a con artist selling a quick course to success..... so I filter the bulldust so that they get the right information at the right time to help them to engage with the emerging world. I share my filtered knowledge because... I SEE SOMETHING. GET EXCITED. TELL EVERYONE.

One thought on “Treasure what you’ve got.

  1. Wishing you a magical holiday season and all the best in 2015. 🙂

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