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How to Manage Retirement

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You have about 30 years to live after you retire.  Listen to this if you are interested in how we will be changing the world.

As we are retiring we are becoming a baby booming industry. There is a truckload of professional advice available for on Government sites to help us on our journey. Try to get past the patronizing 40 year old who seems to be the author of many of these site.

There is also a truckload of professional advice that you can pay for.

Retiring may not be a bowl of cherries at first but these tips should make the transition easier.


The superannuation of baby boomers makes us the target for people much smarter at getting their hands on money than we are. Baby boomers and their money can soon be parted!

Get free government advice if you can. Finding a “reputable” financial advisor is a trick. The government provides advice on how to choose the right one.

Do your renovation

Whether it’s buying a recliner rocker or going for a total tree change, it is almost certain that you will want to change something about where you live as you move out of the workplace to spending more time at home. Get started and get the change done.


Blow out the cobwebs. Baby Boomers spend more on leisure travel than any other category. If you are new to being a grey nomad there is plenty of help around.  You could try swapping houses with other retirees around the world. There are so many options that some states have Expos to let you know the options available.

Get a daily diary. Set priorities. Plan.

It has taken me a while to identify my own priorities and balance them. When I left work I tried to do so many things that I became stressed trying to keep up with all the different demands on my time.

I also didn’t take into account the impact of my changed circumstances on the lives of my family members.

I got the free Coggle app from Google to help me to plan my future.

I have now made my grandkids a priority. I don’t want to be a full time carer so I negotiated with my daughters how much time I want to spend caring for my grandkids. That has gone into my diary, and into the plans of my family.

My next priority is my part time business… etc.

Join Up


Your connections and work friends will not be available as part of your daily routine. I missed the ideas, and support and laughs I had with my friends at work. I missed the connections and being valued.

If you have knowledge and experience that you can offer start your own small business or volunteer. There are so many MeetUp groups that your challenge will be which groups to choose from.

Check classes for opportunities to learn how to do something OR travel to learn how to sail, cook Italian, photograph African animals, research creatures in the Galapagos.


You can’t take good health for granted anymore. Create a health regime and make it a priority. I always try the government sites for advice before paying for it.





Author: Bev Johnson

SEE SOMETHING! GET EXCITED! TELL EVERYONE!!! That pretty well sums up my approach to life. As I find the next bright new shiny course, unbelievable job offer or prediction about the world of work.......I now apply a "Bulldust Filter" honed through years of mistakes. I don't want my grandkids to be blinded by information or be to scammed by a con artist selling a quick course to success..... so I filter the bulldust so that they get the right information at the right time to help them to engage with the emerging world. I share my filtered knowledge because... I SEE SOMETHING. GET EXCITED. TELL EVERYONE.

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