Refocus Your Future

Discover Your Purpose, Explore Your Options, Create Your Future

Baby Boomer Alert


Change is coming to your life.

Making a leap into the unknown from a perfectly decent job can be exciting and reckless and terrifying.

Refocus programs help Baby Boomers to take control, to shine a light into the future and focus on the things you want to do next.

The one day What Next? workshop is a powerful program that leaves you with a lot to think about. In just one day you will unearth issues and ideas that are the foundation for your future amazing. There will be a lot to ponder and do once you have lit that spark of brilliance that will light the way to your ideal life.

Whether you are still at work or home from your trip around the world. Discovering What Next? is fun and challenging.

Once you have made the decision to embark on a new life its time to Kick Start your future. In this part time program you work with a group of like minded people who are also seeking an amazing future. Dreams left alone wither and die. This group will be your posse. Members work together to support each other.

Take the opportunity to make the next 30 years amazing. Get started on your new life. Ring me, Bev Johnson, on mobile 0434056412


Find out more at:





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