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Innovation through Collaboration

ConnectingYou can delight your workers by bringing together enthusiastic young employees with experienced baby boomers.

That connection isn’t rocket science.

Young workers have ideas and enthusiasm. Baby boomers have industry expertise and networks.

The marriage between them achieves robust organisational renewal into the digital, knowledge networked economy.

The world has changed. 70% of Australian workers just turn up without energy or enthusiasm. Gen Y’s need to feel empathy with the values of their organisation. Baby Boomers need to feel connected, powerful and valued.

The Innovation through Collaboration program captures the energy and enthusiasm of both groups. The unique views and ideas of young workers get deep consideration. The industry knowledge and networks of Baby Boomers are engaged to work with young workers and refine their ideas into robust business proposals.

Young workers become excited about work. Baby Boomers are valued and engaged. Organisations get a robust proposal for organisational improvement.

The Refocus system is simple, easy to use and low cost. It exploits the talents of Baby Boomers and Gen Ys to rejuvenate your organisation and motivate your employees.

_DSC3967.TIFWorkshops are available in house or to the public based on demand. For more information phone me, Bev Johnson, on mobile 0434056412.

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